Day Tours and Transfers

Day Tours

Putting people in touch with travel

At Discova, 95% of our people are locals. With our feet on the ground, we blend our in-depth destination knowledge and decades-long experience with travellers’ expectations to craft memorable half-day and full-day tours.

From hiking up an active volcano in Indonesia and exploring the ancient Mayan heritage in Mexico to getting a taste for Thailand’s cuisine on a tuk-tuk tour, our extensive range of great day tours not only reflects the diverse facets of our destinations but caters to a variety of travellers, travel styles and interests. We aim to show all sides of a destination, whether that be an excursion highlighting the main sites of a city or the opportunity to travel like a local and take a peek under the surface in a rural village.

Day Tours and Transfers

All our experiences are designed to enhance a multi-day journey as travel extensions, or be purchased in-destination to provide additional activities for flop-and-drop travellers. For OTAs and independent travel agents, Discova’s day tours are perfect for immediate distribution.


Connecting people and places

From the airport, to hotel or between destinations, we connect people and places with comfortable and convenient transfers. Let’s be real. Travelling can have its stressful moments. Whether it’s trying to understand the extensive underground network of a new city, dragging heavy suitcases between bus stops or asking for directions in a foreign language, getting from A to B isn’t always easy. Whilst our day tours are designed to stand out, we want our transfers to go unnoticed – the smooth transitions between experiences. By operating with our own vehicles and employing our own drivers, we offer seamless journeys at competitive rates for groups of all sizes. Our drivers are trained in English and our vans are fitted with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and, if requested, baby seats. At Discova, we are happy to act as an extension of your business, providing high-quality and reliable transfer services to your travellers, ensuring that they can fully focus on exploring and experiencing our destinations.

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