Educational Travel

Our award-winning educational travel team is dedicated to a full curriculum of experiential travel programs. We work with social enterprises, rural communities, local education authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide experiences and exchanges that empower learning and sustainable, community-driven development.

Through long-term partnerships with our in-country hosts, we provide immersive trips for schools, universities and specialty agents. We craft unique hands-on experiences blended with real-life explorations that are mutually beneficial for communities, schools and students.

With years of experience in Asia, we will continue to expand our innovative educational travel services and programs and take our expertise to more destinations throughout the world.

Educational Travel

Our Principles



It is our responsibility to provide exceptional educational travel services that alleviate poverty, respect local culture and protect the environment. In this way we create a win for you, a win for your group and a win for the host community.



We are committed to transparency in all dealings with partner communities, organisations and clients to create trust and success. In this way, we ensure 100% of client donations go directly to the project. There are no management or administrative fees taken from client donations.



Inspiration can change our world and open up a world of possibilities. That’s why we offer an innovative range of curriculum themed experiential programs, community-based experiences and development projects that provide visitors with unique and exciting learning opportunities.


What sets us apart?


Project Management

We provide a completely free-of-charge professional project management service. In this way we ensure that 100% of client donations go directly to the project.


Community development

We have an extensive network of local NGO’s and community groups. This network allows us to access unique educational travel destinations that have the ability to inspire and transform visitors, while protecting and supporting local communities. Read more about one of our community-based projects here.



We have a team of experienced facilitators to help visiting educational travel groups achieve their goals. Facilitators run a wide range of activities and challenges to fit within a group’s travel itinerary. Activity themes include leadership, team building, environmental protection, community development, well-being and personal growth.


What programs do we operate?

We ensure our innovative range of themed programs and educational tours for adults and students make a positive impact on the destinations in which we operate. Our educational travel services provide numerous opportunities for exploration. From themed school tours to service learning and community health education.

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