Responsible Travel

A holistic approach to sustainable tourism development


As one of the world’s leading DMC’s, we recognise our vital role in creating meaningful change in the travel industry. At Discova, we believe that positive development requires a holistic approach that focuses on all three pillars of sustainability. This includes initiatives that target sustainable economic development, cultural preservation and social inclusiveness, as well as environmental protection in all our destinations.

Responsible Travel


Through travel we have the opportunity to see and experience our wonderful planet; but with this right also comes the responsibility to look after our world, care for the environment and all its inhabitants. At Discova, we are always looking for new ways to help lessen our impact on the environment.



To connect people and places with a world of possibilities – a purpose we hold true for not only our partners and travellers but also for local communities. To move towards a more socially inclusive industry, we seek to establish the means by which tourism development benefits disadvantaged communities and helps preserve local culture.



To achieve lasting positive change, sustainable economic development is necessary. At Discova, we are deeply invested in our communities, creating community-driven tourism projects and supporting initiatives that directly contribute to the local economy.


Responsible Travel Working Group

To support our efforts and turn objectives into reality, Discova has established a Responsible Travel Working Group. Comprised of passionate employees from all areas of the company, our ever-growing team is responsible for planning new as well as expanding existing tourism initiatives and holding each destination accountable for implementing these projects locally. Explore more about our initiatives here.

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