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When you think of Cambodia, the first thing that will come to mind is Angkor Wat – the glorious remnants of the once mighty Khmer Empire. When you learn about Cambodia, you’ll hear about the genocide – a dark period marred by war and bloodshed. But, when you travel to Cambodia, you will see its kind, resilient and humble people, who, despite the tragedies endured, have never lost their spirit and infectious smile.

Stretching across plains that were once home to the mighty Khmer Empire, Cambodia has been the site of magnificent ancient civilizations and devastating political tragedies alike. Despite a tumultuous history, Cambodia’s past lives are immortalised in the world-famous Angkor Complex, post-colonial capital city and steadfastly kind locals. 

Immerse yourself in the cultural and artistic renaissance of Cambodia, discovering thriving towns, sleepy countryside villages and idyllic coastal scenery in a single, invigorating destination. With the expertise of our hand-crafted itineraries, dive into the memorable sights of Cambodia. 

Discova the difference today and get in touch with our local experts to learn how Discova can support with all your needs for a tailor-made Cambodia tour including accommodation, transfers and our unique range of experiences.

Get inspired with some sample experiences

Dawn ‘til Dusk Angkor Instagram Tour

Siem Reap

Experience the wonders of Angkor and have these moments captured by a professional photographer. Uncover impressive backdrops throughout the ancient ruins – whether it be famous sites or hidden gems, the local photographer will lead the way! Discover different scenes in the countryside and finish the day with sunset atop Phnom Krom Mountain, overlooking endless rice fields and Tonle Sap Lake.

Discova the Difference

This full-day experience has been developed specifically to give travellers picture-perfect memories amidst the ancient Angkor Kingdom whilst supporting the enterprises of a local photographer.

Fun for Families in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

Spend a day in Cambodia’s capital uncovering the nation’s history and culture through iconic sites and ancient traditions. Take a private cyclo tour along Phnom Penh’s ambient riverfront to the majestic Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and Wat Phnom. Delve into the ancient art of Khmer dance in an interactive workshop with professional dancers, then end the day with a magnificent dinner cruise along the river.

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In Cambodia’s capital there aren’t many tours aimed at children, so we’ve put together a fun day trip suitable for all ages.

Remork Foodie Tour

Siem Reap

Embark on a gastronomic adventure aboard a “remork” (aka tuk-tuk) – Cambodia’s iconic form of local transport. Stop by a night market to sample local delicacies, from grilled meat with ‘Khmer cheese’ to more daring snacks like crickets and dried frog. Ignite senses with a wander through the night market and finish off the evening with fresh craft beers at Siem Reap’s one and only microbrewery.

Discova the Difference

The is a foodie tour like no other with the evening ending at the city’s only craft beer microbrewery.

3D2N Community Development Program


Stay with a Cambodian family to learn about the local ways – support the development of rural education by helping community gardens supply local schools’ meal programs, learn to make traditional crafts, help farm livestock and embark on a fun-filled ox cart ride through the countryside.

Discova the Difference

We are immensely proud of this signature Discova tour. Perfect for individual travellers, families, groups and educational trips, there is a huge range of rewarding experiences included over the course of the three days, to ensure that every participant positively contributes to the sustainable development of Chansar.

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