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For millennia China dominated the Eastern hemisphere, dynasties rising and falling, trade and innovation spreading throughout the known world. Paper, printing, porcelain, noodles, alcoholic beverages, gunpowder, the compass, tea production and even, some claim, the founding of America, were all Chinese accomplishments. But, in the early 20th century, the land of emperors was relegated to economy class, a downfall propagated by the emergence of the United States and Russia as world powers, and internal revolution. Until the ‘Opening Up’, when China rose from its strict communist ashes, adopting a hybrid form of communism and free market, emerging like a Phoenix to become, once again, an empire.

Experiencing China is to have one foot in the past and one in the future. It dares to defy the present, moving at break-neck speed while maintaining a strong bridge to the past. In hours one can wake in the mega-metropolis of Beijing, where futuristic buildings clash with centuries old hutongs. One can trek the 21,000 kilometre Great Wall or stare skywards at the 632 metre Shanghai Tower, engineering marvels separated by thousands of years of history. From the ‘Roof of the World’ in Tibet to the grassy plains of Inner Mongolia, China is a land of myth, magic and majesty, requiring a lifetime to truly discover.

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Lucky Chinese Knots & Dumpling-Making in Beijing’s Hutongs


Explore Beijing’s narrow ‘hutongs’ on this half-day walking tour. Visit a traditional family home and learn about the cultures and daily way of life before learning to make Chinese Knots – an ancient art form that produces vibrant decorations that are thought to bring luck. Finish with a Chinese dumpling making workshop before enjoying the delicious creations.

Discova the Difference

A real insider’s tour that takes travellers through the narrow alleys of Beijing and introduces them to the culture of the local citizens.

Chengdu Tea House, Local Market & Snacks with Hotpot Dinner


Experience an ancient tea ceremony and learn about life in tea houses whilst sipping this traditional beverage. Visit a local food market and find out which herbs and ingredients give Sichuan cooking its flavour. Explore the fascinating and perfectly restored Narrow and Wide Alleys (‘Kuanzhai Xiangzi’) before enjoying a local hot pot in a bustling restaurant.

Discova the Difference

This half-day tour provides insight into the traditional way of life in Chengdu, spicy Sichuan’s provincial capital.

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