Tailor-Made Tours in the Dominican Republic

Explore the Dominican Republic with Discova and be swept up in the breathtaking beauty of this island paradise. A tailor-made tour with Discova in this destination promises picture-perfect beaches, astounding natural scenery, and a warm, inviting, diverse culture to enjoy.

With almost 1,000 miles of coastline, the Dominican Republic boasts plenty of options with some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. At tourist destinations throughout the country, travellers can find accommodation ranging from the high-end, exclusive opulence of luxury resorts to backpacker-friendly budget beachfront hotels.

Wherever you end up, our collection of innovative products showcases a wide range of activities available to suit all traveller types. Thrill-seekers can enjoy some buggy-riding through the Dominican countryside or zipline through the jungle canopy, or perhaps explore the country’s national parks on horseback or by kayak. A slightly more laid-back approach to exploring the country may be to take a tour of the nation’s award-winning golf courses.

Cultural enthusiasts can get a taste of delicious Dominican gastronomy and dance the merengue on the beautiful Bavaro beach while socialising with the warm and friendly locals. Animal lovers will find rich biodiversity on the island, with opportunities for whale or dolphin watching at sea or spotting the wide variety of species to be found in the lush, tropical rainforest.

With Discova, we can craft a perfectly tailored trip to help you make the most of your trip to this dream destination.

Get inspired with some sample experiences

Bavaro Foodie and Drinks

Punta Cana

Travellers will embark on a gastronomic adventure full of flavour, colour, and emotions. The first stop will see them greeted with a refreshing local beer while the guide briefs the group on the experience to come. In a food truck park, they’ll taste some of the most delicious authentic Dominican finger food while listening to great music and having a good time. This way of enjoying food awakes the senses beyond taste, making this a very singular event. They continue through the evening sampling various different Latin American snacks and end up at the beach, having made friends along the way.

Dominican Republic Culture Tour

Punta Cana

On this tour, photo aficionados will capture fantastic panoramas of typical Dominican villages. Travellers will visit the largest and most important church, and see schools and the famous “colmado.” Observing sugar cane and rice plantations, they’ll learn why and how the Spanish brought sugar cane culture to this island and its economic importance. They’ll see how they used a “trapiche”, a wheeled grinder pulled by oxen, to extract the syrup of sugar cane. Visitors will ride on a truck through the Anamuya mountain and have direct contact with day to day life in the countryside.

Buggy Honda Pioneer Double

Punta Cana

Travellers will enjoy the most exciting excursion in Punta Cana – adventure buggies! They will ride powerful terra cross vehicles as they zoom through the Dominican countryside. The experience will take them to visit an organic co-op farm to learn about coconut oil, tobacco, rum, coffee, chocolate and our world-famous chocolate tea farming processes. They’ll then continue to an Indian cave featuring a crystal clear natural spring for a rejuvenating swim. They will also pass by a Taino Village for a local show. The ride ends at the spectacular Macao beach.

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